Lookout Sun, you've got competition!

Thursday, 9 July 2020  |  Admin

Lookout Sun, you've got competition!
The Unilite SLR-1000 PACKS A PUNCH.
1000 Lumen capability in a sub compact unit with multi-positioning, just the job!
Maglites with Krypton bulbs, who can remember when they were the king of portable lighting.
Once I found a big Maglite when I popped the bonnet to check the oil on an old car, it had been left behind, a mystery, stuck between the battery box and bulkhead.
The name Glenn had been really badly engraved on the housing, this did not belong to any of the previous owners so I gained a free torch & hit the jackpot.
Somewhere there was a Glenn, wondering where he left his torch, was it in the shed, was it in the garage, sure it was in the garage?
Just like many other old torches the Maglite is long gone to Torch heaven and my collection now includes the amazing Unilite SLR-1000.
It has lit up dark evenings in the garden, turned night into day when the power went out and is the go to source of light for any task.
The multi-position stand with the incorporated lanyard and a built in magnet means you can just about stick it anywhere.
Super bright and robust, just don't leave it inside your engine bay!